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5 mins  0 seconds | Color  Stereo Sound | DVD Pal and Digibetacam |Completed 2010
Animated image and sound by Digital Compost- Paul Fletcher. paulf@impulse.net.au 
PO Box 128 Lockwood sth Vic. Australia 3551

The small island of Insectaesthesia supports 10% of the world’s species, many of which occur nowhere else and all of which have their own unique perception of the world.
If you live on an island, or in fact , you are your own island this film is for you! An abstract virtual nature observational documentary.

Technically  this animation relies on a great deal of layering of image and sound. Music, sound effect and noise are treated as one composition. Visual Editing is ambiguous and unpredictable with the intent of showing multiple simultaneous and non-linear perspectives of time and space. For the safety of those wishing for some level of clarity a relatively linear series of text overlays provide a clear narrative progression in the context of an abstract virtual nature observational documentary.
The short film Insectaesthesia made in 2009  focussed on the impact on humans of Insectaesthesia(insectory perceptual affects) - The Isle Of Insectaesthesia looks at the source of this phenomenon tracked to an isolated island and its colony of unique creatures.


The development of the creatures in this short film are related to an annual public art animated video sound and sculpture installation project, HIDDEN CREATURES.

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