Hidden Creatures Exhibitions :
      2015 Exhibition
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HIddenCreatures AnimationWorkshop 2014_at Goldfields Library Bendigo- from Paul Fletcher on Vimeo.


Sounds of Hidden Creatures on Bandcamp Hidden Creatures Soundscapes Album

Childrens Picture Book Where's the Party.-- e-book or print version.



An audiovisual ecosystem concept - in its element outdoors but has also been installed indoors. Plants, tiny screens,projection, hidden speakers,sculptures, light, multi-channel soundscape ,video and animation- all assembled with the intent of creating an organic , familiar yet also imaginative, fictional environment in which children, young & older,can race around or sit quietly to investigate,find,name, draw all sorts of creatures.
The Hidden Creatures Exhibition Installation was commissioned directly by the City
of Greater Bendigo and first started in the Rosalind Park Fernery in 2008.

The exhibition features resourceful recycling of natural and manmade materials assembled junk, textile and sculptured materials ,basic electronics.

The Hidden Creatures exhibition attempts to engage all the senses and imagination and in so doing highlight the experience and appreciation of our natural environment and our place within it. The interconnecting threads and the preciousness of the ephemeral moments that make up our shared lives.