Dreamlake is a reflection on the human constructed lakes that feature heavily as meeting places in regional towns and may represent the inland desire to be closer to the sea!
Dreamlake finally is a view of dams and lakes as resting places for everyday dreams from the past and present.
Dreamlake is an experimental, digitally animated film which attempts to work within a consistent pattern of discontinuity or dreamlike logic. Dreamlake contains an abstraction of narrative and the foregrounding of audio visual and kinetic spectacle. An e-scape into an electronic sound and video scape , a surrealistic ballet of sound and images. This is a short film with many parallels to such seemingly diverse forms as classical ballet, action/adventure films and music video.

Incorporating adaptation and digital animation of the fantastic bricolage Scultpure work by Graham Mathews as well as photos taken in Bendigo in the 1940s
by Erskine Eadie, a plumber, inventor and photographer.

Commissioned for City of Greater Bendigo Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival 2006. Premiere Monday 20th March - Cambell Theatrette(next to library).The film version will be playing in a repeating program along with several other films by local Bendigo artists as well as "Test Transmission", "LakeQualm", "10,000 days" also by Paul Fletcher.

"E-scape" 7pm - 11pm March 21 & 22
Campbell Theatrette-(enter from Bendigo Library)
Over two nights, live experimental music and audiovisual landscapes. Special guest performers as well as Undue Noise Collective members. 3d Animation and Choreography by Megan Beckwith.
A specially prepared live performance version of Dreamlake soundtrack and
visual projection. A custom built audio visual instrument is being planned for this event.