a short experimental animated film.

Duration:  7 minutes and 27 seconds

Format : DVD Video PAL

Sound:   Stereo

Aspect Ratio:  16:9

Director: Paul Fletcher  -  Digital Compost

Soundtrack: Paul Fletcher

Plasticene Running Man:  Robert Stephenson

Additional Artmatic Systems : Dick Scherzinger

Inspiration:  Anna Powell, Giles Deleuze,  and a very dusty barn / shed / workshop.

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City to city, dust to dust.

Intersecting networks of veins of, past, present and future experiences ; biological , psychological, emotional , mathematical,  internal and external, which form a vibrating dust that settle in collective and  individual perception .

In this city of dust , particles of space and time collide, no one ever sleeps, everyone always dreams.

The central business district of the city of dust is where dreams , hallucinations, memory and experience meet.

At the limits of perception and comprehension, reality crumbles and returns to the dust of the illusions from which it was formed ; the city of dust.

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Images from Film


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Process and Production

Developed from the practice of several live cinema performances that took place in central Victoria throughout 2007. These performances originally used a custom made live cinema performance system utilising customised interactive audio visual software(MaxMsp) and novel audio visual controls housed inside an old vacuum cleaner. In other words City of Dust is a metaphoric emptying and composting of this vacuum cleaner’s dust bag contents!

 City of Dust ,  uses extensive digital layering and image processing techniques as well as digital video synthesis that produces fluidly changing abstract forms(produced in this case , with the software tool Artmatic). However the film also incorporates many analogue techniques and includes some super 8 and 16mm footage. The soundtrack is an integrated part of the image construction and also includes many analogue and digital techniques of composition and construction as well as being equally full of contrasting densities, layering and stylistic shifts from noise to tonality.

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Directors' Bio   | Recent Filmography | Recent Screenings | Grants & Awards |

Paul has spent many years working in animated and experimental moving image and sound design. He continues his own Art practice often under the name of , Digital Compost and his short films have been shown on local television, local and international Film Festivals and Galleries.

“A video/animation & sound artist, I am interested in the relationship between sound and animated motion, work  part-time as a Lecturer in the Animation Department of the VCA School of Film & Television and  work collaboratively with multi-discipline central Victorian art collective Punctum, and Undue Noise.  I have also facilitated short courses and group production projects often integrating Environment, Science and Art themes. I continue individual film and live performance projects, including exploration of the intersection of abstraction and narrative , the invention of custom built audiovisual instruments.”

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Current Websites:    ( profile and filmography)        (personal artwork gallery in development)  (artist-in-schools-project)

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Grants & Awards :

“Dreamlake” Best Short Film Under 10 minutes- Castlemain Fringe Festival 2007

Short Animated Film, “Lake Qualm” awarded Best Australian Experimental Short Film in Animation Program of Darwin International Film Festival 2005.

 “Synch or Swim” Seed Research Fund VCA  2001

Prix Leonardo Silver Medal for animated film “Virtual Shopper” 1995

AFC  Production Grant for “VirtualShopper” 10 mins BetacamSP 1994

AFC Production Grant for  “Watch this space” 22mins 16mm    1992

Stop Motion animated film “Dolls” included in National Gallery Exhibition “Popism” 1981

“Mr Tsuzuki comes to Australia”  Winner of Japan Australia Short Film Competition 1981

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Recent Filmography (2002- 2008) :  all DVD format.

City of Dust   7mins 27’ 2008

The program  6mins 2007

Chaos 549   5mins49’ 2007

Dreamlake    4mins 2006

Shed Film     3min45  March 2005-

10,000 Days    6mins   June 2005-

 Lake Qualm    4 mins  November 2004

  Last Retort    5 mins    2003

  Eleven     6 minutes   2002/2003

 The Cloudwatchers   5 minutes 2002

   How I wish   1 minute 2001 

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Recent Screenings :

  How I wish

   Brisbane Animation Festival 2003 , Halycon Drive Melbourne.2004

    Last Retort  

     Shepparton Arts Festival 2003, Horsham Arts Conference  2004


       Neuer Standort Vienna Austria 2004-

        Heritage Center, The Springfield Ohio United States 2004

       Axiom Theatre Houston Texas United States 2004

       Cornell Cinema Ithaca New York United States 2004

       111 Minna Gallery San Francisco California United States 2004

       Lake Qualm

       Darwin International Film Festival March 2005

       San Francisco Indie Fest San Francisco California United States 2005

       Chillin Productions San Francisco California United States 2005

       Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Fran- California United States 2005

       Old Fire station , Bendigo May 2005-10-06

    10,000 Days 

    Allans Walk Artist Run Space  June 2005

    Latrobe Theatrette,View St. Bendigo –Launch of Cultural Star Programme August 2005

   Old Fire Station, Bendigo  September 2005

 Shed Film

St Kilda Film Festival 2006

 Castlemaine State Arts Festival March 2005. Regional Tour Through early October 2005, Sutton Grange, Dunolly, Elmore, Ballarat, Trentham,     Melbourne in Conjunction with NGV & VCA  late October 2005.


 Microcinema Indepent Exposure Screenings; including Animation Nation-Singapore November 2007,     Alaska, Texas and California.

The Program   -Amsterdam Film Experience 2007.


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