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Movie -exceprt from dvd - only the smallest fragment included on this web page see dvd for a better view!

Art may be seen as fun and hopefully it is fun.  Fun is very important for our brains to be receptive to change ,learn and grow.  But Art and animated film particularly is not only fun it  integrates many skills and senses, for instance sight, sound ,  dramatic, kinetic, literary, poetic, mechanical and so on.

Even maths and physics are involved –eg how long would it take for something to move or change between two positions or states and would the change speed up or slow down at some point?


First exercises :

getting used to (or calibrating) our brains to creating motion one small change at a time,

the charm and delight of making things appear to move and transform (kinetic spectacle)

Sand and natural materials collage:

Stop Motion- Plasticene

30 seconds from the 15 minute DVD film(no sound included)- a large file for internet -8meg

Professor Tuan and the Creatures from Lockwood South in THERE'S A PARTY IN THE LEAF LITTER!

This project is an ; Imaginative  intervention into the homogenised, slickly produced, but same old , same old media fodder that even our youngest children are extremely knowledgeable of.

This film is something different- an irreverent but productive combination of fantasy derived and metamorphosed from  scientific fact

True to the spirit of bio-diversity , that is so important to our natural environment, this media created environment is also populated with a great diversity of voices, imagination, ideas, styles and methods from 5 year olds through to adults  who prefer not to be reminded how old they are. The students at Lockwood South Primary School have all had a direct hand and head, in other words; physical and intellectual,  involvement and contribution to this project. Digital based technology has allowed the artist Paul Fletcher to interact  with the childrens ideas and work  very directly to produce their work  to a technical quality approaching something pretty close to television quality yet with a disctinctive refreshing difference.