•Hidden Creatures 2009

Animation Workshop @ Bendigo Art Gallery

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  • Video&Photos from the 2008 exhibition.




The Hidden Creatures Exhibition- a free sculpture, audio and video-animation installation in the Rosalind Park Fernery. On Easter Saturday 10th April & Easter Sunday April 11th, 2009 between 10 am and 5 pm.
Over twenty different species of rare, sculptured and animated creatures will be visiting the Rosalind Park Fernery, Bendigo. Human visitors will be able to wander freely through the Fernery looking for these creatures, take an Easter creature search or just sit and relax and quietly observe this environment. Some of the creatures hiding in the fernery will be seen right before your very eyes some will only be visible with the aid of small video monitors specially installed in the Fernery, some of the creatures may prefer to only be heard and not seen.

Creature sculptures and animation contributed from Paul Fletcher,Robert Stephenson, VCA Film & Television Animation Students,Marianne Middleburgh, and children participatiing in the Animation Workshop for 10-12 year olds.

Funded by City of Greater Bendigo


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