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ANIMATION at VCA School of Film & Television.
Since the course began in 1976, there have been many graduates
who continue animating short films, create and collaborate on
television series, create animated commercials, and exhibit
innovative works in art galleries and public spaces with great success.
Previous graduates include:-

Peter Viska ( L’lElvis) Sarah Watt (Small Treasures, Look Both Ways)
Dennis Tupicoff (Darra Dogs, His Mother’s Voice) Scott Vandenbosch
(Dogstar) Anthony Lucas (Jasper Morello)
Adam Elliot ( Harvey Krumpet) Steve French (Quads, Ocean Girl)

Student animated films have screened regularly at major Australian
and International Film Festivals, many with success receiving major

The Graduate Diploma is a one year studio based course open to
people with a degree in any discipline or relevant industry experience.

The Graduate Diploma is a full time intensive year of study
and classes include:-
Script writing
Studies in motion
Character studies
Animation directing
Acting and performance for animation
Sound for animation

The first semester involves many short exercises that explore
traditional and experimental forms in animation. Classes involve
formal instruction, but there is a lot of self-directed ‘learning by doing’.
This approach encourages students to become highly motivated to
focus on the areas that most interest them and to also travel beyond
their safety zone. Students explore and examine the digital pathways
of production using a variety of equipment and animation, sound and
post production software.The first semester includes the production of
a 30 second animated film.

By the end of the first semester each student has written a screenplay
for a 2-4 minute film that is animated during the second semester.
By the end of semester 2 each student will have produced a short
animated film to professional broadcast standard. Students also
complete the year with a DVD showreel.

This can be a one year extension to the Graduate Diploma course
and has proven to be a successful path to build on the skills learnt
in the Graduate Diploma. The Masters by Coursework in Animation
allows greater time for script and production development and
honing of skills. Included in this course is a module of advanced
screenwriting, and one to one consultation and guidance on your
Masters animation project. Several Masters students have secured
industry attachments or completed their own industry research
projects as part of this year of study.

For further enquiries contact animation lecturers
Paul Fletcher ( and
Robert Stephenson (
or phone 9685 9020.

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